Cargo handling works

An integral part of cargo transportation is successful cargo handling works. Practice shows that a frequent client faces problems that require additional time and costs – it is difficult to predict accurately when the cargo will reach the unloading point due to the specificity of transportation and long distances, which makes it difficult to plan and properly organize the delivery of lifting equipment. Having trusted us to organise cargo handling works, you will avoid the mentioned difficulties since we have concluded cooperation agreements with the largest lessors of lifting equipment in Lithuania and Baltic countries, who will deliver the lifting equipment at the right time.

Cargo handling works are carried out in accordance with the “DT 8-00 Rules on Safe Use of Lifting Cranes”, so we can ensure that handling works are led and carried out by qualified and experienced staff. At client’s request, the preparation of cargo for transportation is performed as well.


  • We ensure qualified loading services, regardless of cargo weight or the complexity of loading.
  • We organize loading/unloading works carefully, responsibly, coordinate plans in advance, and calculate the time of works; therefore, we provide quick, organized and professional cargo-handling services.
  • We work with serious partners, who treat the job responsibly, therefore all cargo handling works comply with legal acts and safety requirements.
  • We carry out loading/unloading works in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.
  • We offer cargo loading, unloading and transfer works.
  • At client’s request, the preparation of cargo for transportation is carried out as well.


Long-term experience of UAB ICTO allows us to focus on high-quality complex cargo transportation services, which minimize the client’s troubles and ensure smooth transportation of cargoes by local and international routes. We strive to realize the individual wishes of the clients; therefore, we provide customized solutions and offer competitive prices in individual cases. Cargo handling works are supervised by a qualified work supervisor in accordance with strict quality standards, so you can be sure of the safety of the cargo and the smoothness of the processes being carried out. The specialized cargo handling team has accumulated professional knowledge that facilitates the cargo transportation process and ensures the performance of quick, high-quality and safe cargo handling operation.